Sunday, January 17, 2016

Using the Bernina 830 Stitch Counter

Working on sewing a 3.5" square onto a larger 6.5" square for a rag quilt.  I was hoping I could program the Bernina 830 machine to sew a square using the Multi-directional function and save it as a stitch so that it would sew the square with one push of the button.  That didn't work.  On to the Stitch Counter.  Success!  I can now press a button and the machine sews, the machine stops automatically, raise the presser foot using the FHS (knee lift), turn the fabric, repeat. I could have made the machine automatically raise the presser foot after stopping, but to me it takes too long.  I'm faster using the FHS.  Snapped photos of my method.  First I made myself a template of cardboard to mark one corner to start at the 5/8" mark.  All the rulers and templates that I have and none with the appropriate hole at the 5/8' mark! LOL
Cardboard Template
Here's a blurry shot (sorry) of the stitch counter.  It's the 123 button at the bottom. So easy to program, but it is a temporary stitch and will be gone when the machine is turned off.  So I made a note of how many stitches it takes so I can reprogram it easily tomorrow.  That's 24 stitches to make a 2 1/4" square.
Stitch Counter
And look here! Perfect squares every time! And mostly automatic.
Perfectly square automatic squares!
Keep on Stitchin'!!

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