Friday, May 29, 2015

Pat Sloan's Vacation Time BOM - May Block

This month's block, Beach Bag is the name of it, is finished.  It's still May, right?!!  We're getting into some fabrics that haven't been used yet.  Yippee!

2015 Vacation Time BOM - May's Beach Bag
Keep on Stitchin'!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Texas Snowflake Finished!

Got it done.  Makes a nice housewarming gift.

Texas Snowflakes finished
My pile of unquilted tops is getting lower!  I may actually get them all done this, on second thought, I probably won't! LOL

Keep on Stitchin'!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Texas Snowflake quilting

I had to put aside the NYE Mystery quilt to get a top quilted for an upcoming housewarming gift.  Decided to use the Texas Snowflake quilt from a few years ago.  It was a Carol Doak BOM from her Yahoo Group.  Remember this??
Texas Snowflake on the frame
And here's a closeup of the simple quilting I'm doing.  I created the design from a pattern in the fabric.  See it in the large triangle fabric piece next to the quilting?  I made the pattern into a panto, but I probably could have done this free motion, too.
Texas Snowflake quilting motif
I had planned on practicing some fancy quilting on this one as there's a lot of open space to play with.  However, since it's needed quickly, no fancy stuff this time!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

QT New Year's Eve Mystery Progress

I've been working on this NYE Mystery Quilt again.  Making some good progress finally.  All those small pieces are finally sewn together and await pressing.

Waiting for pressing
After a day of pressing, I'm now giving everything a final trimming before assembling the top.  Slow process, this trimming!
Final Trimming
Even tho I used 2 pink fabrics for the background, I still ran out!  The quilt is supposed to have sashing with cornerstones, but mine won't.  It will make a neat secondary block though.

Keep on Stitchin'!!