Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Little Quilt completed

It isn't even May yet and I've got the May Little Quilt top finished.  This one measures about 18"x22" and will join the other Little completed tops.  Eventually they will all go into one quilt, maybe two, depending upon what I end up with at the end of the year.  I'd like to remake January's Little and make it the size it should be.  If you remember, I made it larger so it would cover the fireplace Black Hole.  We'll see....

May Little Quilt
Now I need to get back to this mystery quilt from New Year's!!
Just waiting for me....
Keep on Stitchin'!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Triangular Adventures Finished!

Got this one done and enjoyed doing different quilting in each block.  Lots of good practice.  Lots of fun!

Triangular Adventures
And here are closeups of each block.  It was windy today, so I had to hold the quilt against the fence to get some of the blocks.  Luckily, I caught a good shot of the whole quilt in between gusts!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Triangular Adventures on the frame

This was a quilt along from a few years back.  It's all half square triangles and each block has a different layout.
Triangular Adventures on frame
With this one, I plan to do different free motion quilting on the white areas within each block.  The sashing will be the same quilting through out the quilt and is also free motion.  Borders will be a gentle curve using a ruler.  So far, I've done the top border and a bit on each side as well as some of the sashing.   Just getting started quilting inside the first block.
Getting the quilting started!
Keep on Stitchin'!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flowers in the Wind Finished!!

All bound and label sewn.  This quilt will be another donation quilt.  It measures about 60" square.
Flowers In The Wind
Flowers in the Wind Label
This is the label I use for donation quilts.

Quilting on backing
Tried to get a decent shot of the quilting, but it doesn't show up real well against the print of the backing.  I did free motion swirls with a large flower thrown in here and there.  If you looks closely at the mid left area, you'll see the large flower.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flowers in the Wind Quilt top on the frame

Got another quilt top on the frame this afternoon.  I'll give it some thought overnight to decide how to quilt it.  I'm planning on a free motion all over pattern of some sort.

Flowers in the Wind on frame
Keep on Stitchin'!!

April's Little Quilt

Finished up the Little Quilt for April from Connecting Thread's Quilt With Us Forum.  It was a pretty fast one except for all the pinning I do to match seams.  I can't seem to keep them together with just my fingers.  So I pin, and pin, and pin.....

April Little Quilt
I used fabrics left over from a quilt top I put together at the recent retreat. This Little measures 18.5" square.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Texas Memories Finished!

I'm keeping this one and will hang it proudly!  All free motion quilting with a little ruler work. Windy day today, but I was able to snap a shot of the entire quilt and the label between breezes.  Then brought it inside for the closeups.

Texas Memories Finished

Texas Memories Label
Love the label I made!  I digitized a Texas Star inside the outline of the state of Texas, then put the lettering on top.  I had sewn out the label in 2014 and altho I finished the quilt in 2015, I saw no reason to waste this label!

Back of quilt showing quilting texture

Top portion of quilt

Center Section

Lower section
I used loops and stars in the outer green border, loops in the embroidered blocks and corner blocks.  Double curves (not sure what the real name of this design would be called) in the inner blue border.  Followed the curves of the barbed wire print next to the inner border and did a serpentine thru the printed black border next to the barbed wire print.  I outlined and echoed the state print, then did diagonal lines across the state. The area around the state was quilted with straight line 'loops'.

Enjoyed quilting this one and a big shout out to Stephen Weathers for his embroidery designs.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Texas Memories quilt on the frame

My boss (and owner) at Sew & Quilt Store in Temple, TX where I taught, also does some embroidery digitizing for classes.  The store held an embroidery retreat a couple years ago where we stitched out his embroideries of old farm equipment and wildflowers common to Texas.  I had seen the designs as he was creating them and then ran across a panel of the state of Texas and knew exactly how I wanted to use his embroideries.

Texas Memories Quilt
Loaded on the frame last Friday as I contemplate how to quilt it.

Update!!  It's quilted and off the frame ready for a label and binding  Whup! Whup!!

Keep On Stitchin'!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pat Sloan's Vacation Time BOM - April

Decided to go ahead and get the BOM out of the way before I load another quilt top on the frame.  So here is the April Block from Pat Sloan's Quilt Along on Facebook.  She named this one The Penny Arcade.
April's Vacation Time - The Penny Arcade
Keep on Stitchin'!!