Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Grandson's Quilt

I'm so excited that I can finally share what I've been working on for...ummm...a year??!!  My grandson is in his 20's and his mom told me that she thought he would love a quilt from me.  Really?  Wow!  What's his favorite colors?? Gray, black, purple.   I need a pattern!  Wait I have a template & instructions from Nancy's Notions that I can use.  After several virtual quilts in EQ7, hubby and I settled on one.   Found a great collection of grays and blacks at Connecting Threads.  A manly fabric of course with plaids, spirals, dots, circles, plaids, did I say plaids?  Then found a solid in purple.  Ordered!  Now I cut strips.  Lots of strips.  I should have ordered precuts...oh well.....  Then the strips are sewn into 2 sets of 3.
Each of these stacks is an inch high!
Begin the sub-cuts.
Using the template, the corners are cut off.  I'll save these for another quilt.
Finally all cuts are done and stacked in sets of 4.  Wait...I have another whole set of strips to cut....
Now begins the block assembly.  See all those points to match???  A pin in each and a finger prick.

Finally...blocks are done.
What's next?  More pin pricks as I sew the blocks into rows, the rows together into a quilt top.  My poor finger.....  Now it's on the frame for quilting!  Yea!!!!

All quilted and binding is being sewn.  Man, this is a large quilt!  See my binding holder set up?  Works great!  A toilet paper cardboard over the knee lift with a binder clip to keep the roll from slipping off the end.
2 practice blocks left over.  Hmmm...I can make a couple of  pillowcases!
All done!

Boxed up and shipped!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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