Saturday, December 6, 2014

Odds & Ends -Microwave Bowl Pads & Mouse Pads

Decided to take a break from making quilt blocks and do something fast, easy, and fun.  First I thought I'd make a mouse pad, since I'd not made one from scratch.  Besides I purchased some beautiful fine threads while at the Houston Quilt Show that kept asking me to use them.  So off I go to the internet looking for mug rug ideas!  WOW!  Did I ever find ideas!   I was only going to make one mug rug.....

I decided  to make a cute birdie mug rug and turn under the edges of the applique and machine stitch them down.  I haven't done much keep this in mind!  Found some left overs from a previous quilt for the background.  Made applique templates from freezer paper, ironed on the fabric, trimmed about 1/4" from the paper, and began to turn under the edges, applying a bit of starch so they would stay folded when ironed.  Man!  This is tedious!  No wonder I don't like traditional applique!  But I love the thread and even close up, it blends in so nicely.  Did a bit of free motion quilting, too.

So over the next few days, I..........

decided to try leaving the edges flat and using decorative machine stitches on an owl.  Also added some ricrac trim and more decorative machine stitches.  He was fun and not quite so tedious.

Next, I thought I'd create a painter's pallete mug rug in my embroidery software and use the buttonhole stitch around the edges and adding quilting lines.  Not bad!

Then I decided to do one more, using a design from a past Bernina Software Sampler class and adding stipple quilting in the software.  A bit large for a mug rug, but it sure is pretty!

Put together a few more blocks then decided I needed another break!

Made some of those bowl pads for the microwave.  These were fun & fast!  Made a set of 3.

These can be used with either side up.  Here's the small pad with the print side up.

Back to making quilt blocks!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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