Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Top on the Frame

I loaded another quilt top on the frame yesterday.  Spent the evening looking through quilt pattern books for ideas.  Got a couple.  I'd like to do some ruler work on this quilt.  It may take me a day or more to begin quilting on this one as I need to decide what I want to do.

You may remember how I struggled with this quilt.  I dislike the fabric...really dislike that fabric!...and I made so many mistakes and had to rip it out.  This is the one that sent me into a funk for a month or so and I sewed nothing at all.  Finally got the top completed at the retreat I went to earlier this year in Galveston.  So I'm using this one to do my first ruler work.  I'll have to ignore the fabric and concentrate on the layout.  It will be donated also, so I will try to do a good job as I learn.

In case you are wondering what that striped triangle thing is on the edge of the quilt.  It's a square piece of ticking fabric folded twice into a triangle with grosgrain ribbon sewn to the long edge.  It is used as an extension to the side of the quilt so that the machine doesn't hit the tension clamp when at the edge of the quilt.  The grosgrain side is pinned to the batting/backing and the tension clamp is clipped to the corner.  This was discussed on a Longarm Yahoo group that I belong to and I think it will be a great addition to my frame.  I rummaged through my bag of ribbons and found some oddball grosgrain to use.  The one in the picture was tied around a bundle of fabrics I purchased.  On the other side of the quilt the ribbon on that triangle is bright orange!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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  1. Sue, I love the idea of the ticking. I try to leave enough fabric on the borders, but sometimes can't. The clamps do get in the way. BTW, what is the purpose of the tape measure across the frame? Kathy Alden in SW Idaho