Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm not slacking!

Just in case anyone thinks I've fallen down into the slump well again, I have not.  I have been working on projects and here's the proof!  I've started a few new projects as well as the ongoing BOMs.

This one is a Quilt Along from Quilty Friends Quilt Along group on Facebook.  I have the print fabrics cut and still need to cut the background fabric.  There are 16 different fabrics in the stack.
Quilty Friends
This is the new Mystery Quilt from Just Us Quilters on Facebook.  The purple is the background, the prints are from a 2.5" strip jelly roll.  Check out the peace sign! 
Just Us Quilters
The next two pictures are a couple of small quilts that I've designed and am working on.  They will have embroidered blocks.  I have digitized the embroidery, tested and sewn out.  Now to get the quilts made!
Contours Quilt
The fabric for this little quilt is left over from another quilt.
Dragonfly Quilt
I'm still behind on the Carol Doak BOMs, but I'm not so worried about that.  I'll have some time freeing up once the 2 quilts on Facebook are done.

Keep on Stitchin'!!

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