Friday, November 20, 2015

Alphabet Animal Quilt finished!

I used a large elephant head panto on the quilt.  I could have used any ol' design as this one didn't show up and even on the back it's hard to make out the head!  Oh well!  I don't think Baby Layla will care.
Alphabet Animal Quilt

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Alpha Animal Panel Quilt

Been working on this so my new granddaughter will have a quilt to lay on when on the floor.  She'll be 3 months old when I get to meet her!  Hurry December!

This was a panel & coordinating fat quarters that I'd purchased a couple years ago.  Originally I was going to make a donation quilt to Project Linus...but then we found out a grand baby was expected, so now it'll be for her.

Panel blocks cut apart, plain blocks cut, and 4 patch blocks made.

Animal Alpha Panel pieces
Added some fun green sashing and top is complete.  Now to figure out what design I want to use for quilting.  I'll bind it in red.
Top pieced
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Carol Doak's Scrap Scramble

While in Houston, I also worked on the Scrap Scramble BOM.  I was so excited to finish the last 2 block sets.  Then discovered while placing on the design board that I was missing some....I hadn't printed out April's!!!  AAARRRGH!!  Will I ever get this quilt finished??!!!

March Scrap Scramble

May Scrap Scramble
There are also several smaller parts that go with these 2 blocks, but I didn't take pics of those.  I have already sorta got all the blocks & parts arranged in a stack and didn't want to scrounge around to find the other parts.

And yes, I have printed out the last block set and I WILL get this quilt day! LOL

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November Little Quilt

While visiting my friend down Houston way during the Houston International Quilt Festival, I completed the Little Quilt for November.  This one measures about 17" square.
November Little Quilt
Rather than piecing the hour glass block, I chose to applique the hour glass.  I like it!

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pat Sloan Vacation BOM

This is the last month of blocks for the Vacation BOM.  Filler blocks and borders and assembly are the instructions for October.  There are 2 filler block sets.  One has 2 blocks sewn together and the other filler blocks have a lot of piecing to do!  I'll end up with 13 blocks of one colorway and 19 blocks of another  colorway.

The 2 sewn together blocks are completed, name of Bathing Beauty.
October-Bathing Beauty
And I'm working on the Sea Shells blocks.
Oct-Seashells in progress
I'm wondering why Pat didn't have us cut a larger square and dog ear all 4 corners rather than what we are doing??!!!  Wish I'd read ahead before cutting the pieces!!!  Lots of sewing  ahead on these fillers.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Little Quilt

Finished up the October Little Quilt from Quilt with Us-Connecting Threads.  It's not like the original as I mis-figured on my cutting...imagine that!!  And didn't have enough of all fabrics to recut.  So I followed the advice of It's Not a Mistake....It's a Creative Opportunity!  I won't tell you what's wrong because we're not supposed to point out our mistakes, right??!!

October Little Quilt
I decided to leave off the outer border and left this one to measure about 15" square.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Current Project - Scrap Bustin'

I'm trying to get my stash down and use up some of the older fabrics I have.  And I'm trying to make myself more comfortable doing scrap quilting.  Pat Sloan's latest scrap challenge is a block she calls Little Wishes.  This one is somewhat controllable for me, which keeps me from going out of orbit. I've cut enough scraps to make probably 22 blocks and have the pieces separated into bags.  All the HSTs have been sewn, trimmed, and pressed.
Trimming takes forever!!
The star points are the same 2 fabrics, both dark.  Fewer of one fabric than the other so that not all blocks will have both.  This block has both and it was so hard for me not to change out what I grabbed from the bag!  Wouldn't you know I'd grab 2 of the lesser points and sew them together right off the bat!!!!
First Little Wishes Block
First block is done and I'm happy with it, so now I'll sew all the center 9-patch brights and throw them back into the bag, then move on to sewing all the star points together and back in the bag they will go.  We'll see how well I can control my impulse to return to the bag what I grabbed!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!