Sunday, December 14, 2014

Embroidery and Mug Rug

I recently purchased a pattern for a small appliqued snowman quilt.  It's called Frosty's Alter Egos by Pieceful Designs.

I don't hand applique, so I'm scanning the parts into my Bernina Embroidery Software and creating embroidered applique as well as the files to cut out the pieces using Bernina Cutwork.  So far, I've gotten one snowman head digitized as well as the snowflake. I'm working on it in between other stuff. Wonder if I'll get this 40"x40" quilt done by 2015 Christmas!! 
Image from Software
Snowflake image from software

Hatched in Africa has just released a set of snowmen that I just love!  Stack 'Em Snowmen.  I think these would look great in the side borders of this little quilt.  If you know me at all, you know I use mostly designs from Hatched in Africa.

And it seems I'm on a mug rug kick.  Made another and have one more in the works.  I'll be giving some of these away and keeping some for myself!  This was done by me and is all in the hoop.   I wanted a winter mug rug and not a Christmas one, but wish I'd used stronger colors for the purple scarf and hat trim.  It's mine to keep, so I'm happy with it.
Snowman Mug Rug

Keep on Stitchin'!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Odds & Ends -Microwave Bowl Pads & Mouse Pads

Decided to take a break from making quilt blocks and do something fast, easy, and fun.  First I thought I'd make a mouse pad, since I'd not made one from scratch.  Besides I purchased some beautiful fine threads while at the Houston Quilt Show that kept asking me to use them.  So off I go to the internet looking for mug rug ideas!  WOW!  Did I ever find ideas!   I was only going to make one mug rug.....

I decided  to make a cute birdie mug rug and turn under the edges of the applique and machine stitch them down.  I haven't done much keep this in mind!  Found some left overs from a previous quilt for the background.  Made applique templates from freezer paper, ironed on the fabric, trimmed about 1/4" from the paper, and began to turn under the edges, applying a bit of starch so they would stay folded when ironed.  Man!  This is tedious!  No wonder I don't like traditional applique!  But I love the thread and even close up, it blends in so nicely.  Did a bit of free motion quilting, too.

So over the next few days, I..........

decided to try leaving the edges flat and using decorative machine stitches on an owl.  Also added some ricrac trim and more decorative machine stitches.  He was fun and not quite so tedious.

Next, I thought I'd create a painter's pallete mug rug in my embroidery software and use the buttonhole stitch around the edges and adding quilting lines.  Not bad!

Then I decided to do one more, using a design from a past Bernina Software Sampler class and adding stipple quilting in the software.  A bit large for a mug rug, but it sure is pretty!

Put together a few more blocks then decided I needed another break!

Made some of those bowl pads for the microwave.  These were fun & fast!  Made a set of 3.

These can be used with either side up.  Here's the small pad with the print side up.

Back to making quilt blocks!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I was in Houston!

Just returned from visiting with a friend in Houston.  We went to the International Quilt Festival as we do every year, then stayed a few extra days to sewing and gal pal time.  I got quite a bit accomplished during those few days.  Spent money at the quilt show, of course, and came home with some goodies.

On a bad note...we'd gone out to eat lunch with a couple of her family members and I was driving my Tahoe.  Had a wonderful lunch at a Japanese steak house and the guy cooking had us laughing til we cried.  He was a great entertainer as he handled that big old grill and utensils.  Everytime he banged down the spatula on the grill, I jumped and he'd apologize! LOL  Anyway..for the bad news.

As we left the restaurant, we discovered my Tahoe had been broken into!  At least no window was smashed.  They'd used something to poke into the key hole and pop the lock.  Stole a container full of quarters I'd been using for toll roads...probably a hundred or so $$.  Also stole a quilt top that my friend had been working on for a baby shower. Both were in the front of the truck...she'd sorta stuffed her bag under the passenger seat.  She was very upset about that and I wasn't too happy to have my Tahoe damaged and money stolen.  We filed a report...but don't expect anything to come out of it.  In the back of the Tahoe, I had 2 quilt tops and the backing for them that I'd just purchased.  Also was a huge roll of batting that my friend had purchased.  They didn't take any of that. 

Then the day I was ready to leave...I had a flat tire!  Had to wait until friend's hubby came home to change it out for me.  Shame on me...I've never changed a tire in my life...much less try to figure out how to get that full sized spare out from under the Tahoe.  But I watched him and I think I just might be able to do it.  He used his compresser to air up the tire and zip/zip...I was ready to head home. 

So here's what I got accomplished!  It was windy today and I had to take pics in between breezes! LOL

 Remember that Christmas Star Strip quilt that I had put aside?  It is finished and quilted!  I sewed the binding on while at my friend's house.

Christmas Star Strip

Back in 2013, I participated in the Craftsy BOM.  Finally got the blocks sewn together.

Craftsy 2013 BOM
And back in 2012, I participated in a Modern Mystery Quilt.  Got that top put together.
Modern Mystery Quilt
And finally, I put together the Globetrotter BOM from Pat Sloan's Facebook group.
I think I got quite a bit accomplished this trip.  I have one more top to put together and then I'll start quilting these tops.  I WILL NOT participate in another Mystery or BOM in 2015 until I get these tops quilted and bound.  Hmmmmm.....wonder if I can stay true to that declaration??!!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Christmas Top is Quilted!

WhooHoo!  It's quilted!  Got it done and off the frame in 3 days...just before we left town for a few days.  Snapped a couple pics as the quilting progressed.  Now we're back home and I need to bind it. 

On the frame

Closeup of quilting
I used a solid red 50wt quilting cotton in needle and thread from Connecting Threads - Cotton Essentials, Cherry.  I think it shows up nicely.   Bailey 15 liked this thread.  I was worried I might have breaks.  I actually had only 2 breaks and that was before I changed the foot to one that would better glide over the heavy seams that all connected in one place.  It's linty thread and I cleaned and oiled after every bobbin, which slowed me down a little, but it was great thread to work with.

Looking forward to having this quilt finally displayed in the house this Christmas!!

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Christmas Quilt Top

Remember that Christmas Star Strip Quilt that I started a couple years ago?  All I had to do was add the final border using 5" samplers.  Well, I finally got that border on!  I just might have this quilt finished to use this year! LOL
Christmas Star Strip
I searched through my pantos and found a tree and star that I'll use.  This will be a great quilt to do for the first time using the new Bernina frame!  I have the panto printed and ready to glue together. Hmmm...wonder if I can get this loaded and done in the next few days.  No promises!! haha

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bernina Frame is up!

After waiting for new windows to be installed in our home, several days to clean up the residue from the window installation, repainting the area that the frame will reside and adjoining area, we have finally put together the Bernina frame and it is settling into it's new home!!!!

Frame back view

Frame front view
It's larger than the Start Right frame and so much sturdier!  This frame fills the whole room from end to end and I literally have to go around the post to get from one side to another!  I've only played with it a bit on a test fabric, but soon I'll load a quilt.  Hubby redid the switches on Bailey15 for me and now they are set up exactly as I wanted!  I have speed control on all 3 switches. Whup! Whup!! 

Good news...I've sold the Start Right frame to a new quilter who plans to use her domestic machine on the frame.  So happy for her and her new journey.

So looking forward to quilting on my new frame..........

Keep on Stitchin'!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Awww...Retreat is over

I worked on 3 projects while at the retreat over the weekend.  One I finished, one I made a bit of progress, one I put aside after completing one of the BOM instructions for when I could concentrate.

There were requests at last year's retreat for me to bring my embroidery machine so some ladies could sew out a few contour designs. (see the post prior to this one.)  I made up a couple of small sample tops for the ladies and they chose what and how many they wished to sew out.  Here's the samples.

I used variegated on the blue contours.  It shows up better in real life.  The dragonflies were a real hit!  I digitized these myself and no, they are not available for sale.

So, what did I get done?  The quilt top for a quilt along from a FB group, Quilty Friends Quilt Along.

Flowers In The Wind
Debating whether to add another border or not.

I got another month's paper piecing from Carol Doak done.  Oops, there are actually 6 of those smaller diamonds.  It's done, but I didn't get it in the picture.  I still have to concentrate on paper piecing, so trying to get much of this done at retreat doesn't work well for me!  I certainly don't want to miss anything going on around me!! 
December Scrap Scramble
The last thing I worked on I cannot show.  It will be a surprise for the recipient, so can't let the cat out of the bag about it.  But I did get several blocks completed at retreat.

We'll be doing some painting inside the house for a while, so I won't be able to get at my sewing and quilting for a while.  Darn!  But after the painting is done, I can put up my new Bernina frame.  So looking forward to using that frame with Bailey15.

Keep on Stitchin'!!!